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The Moving Well Podcast gives you fitness advice for efficient, effective and pain free exercises. The hosts Janet Sunderland and Nikki Naab-Levy who are both fitness educators for Balanced Body and collectively have 20 years experience in the fitness industry.
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Nov 10, 2017

In this episode, Nikki and Janet talk with Katie Santos, co-owner of the Absolute Center, Pilates educator and consultant for MindBodyOnline about how to master the business side of being a Pilates teacher or studio owner.

They cover:

  • Katie's experience transitioning into the Pilates industry as a teacher and business owner
  • Why it's important to have a business model when you start a business
  • Strategies for having uncomfortable conversations around money
  • Tips for creating a sustainable business
  • How the division of roles can help your business be more successful if you have business partners
  • Applying primal movement to sessions with active aging adults

About Katie Santos

✔ Master Pilates Teacher
✔ Mindbody Certified Consultant
✔ International presenter
✔ Evernote Certified Consultant
✔ Serial Entrepreneur 
Through her partnership in Absolute Center Katie has leveraged valuable insights in business management and found a love for coaching other business owners. She believes in a non-competitive and innovative approach and she enjoys imparting her knowledge and expertise while playing an important role in driving client business success. 
To connect with Katie, send her an email at or visit
Nov 2, 2017

In this episode, Janet and Nikki chat with movement educator and co-founder of the Absolute center, Louise Johns about how to use cues to get better results for your clients and how primal movement can be integrated into your practice.

They cover:

  • Cuing for embodiment versus cuing for biomechanics (and why these cues aren't mutually exclusive)
  • Why sometimes saying less is more effective
  • How to sequence and incorporate primal movement into a Pilates class or private session
  • Why primal movement and less structured movement experiences are an ideal complement to more structured fitness modalities like Pilates
  • Why it's beneficial to have a foundation for teaching before branching out into other modalities like primal movement

About Louise Johns

Louise’s dedication to helping people feel better shows through her clientele, some of whom have been working with her for over 17 years. Louise finds herself drawn towards a broad section of clients from all different walks of life and abilities. At Absolute Center, the studio she co-owns, her day-to-day practice includes one-on-one sessions, small group classes, and large group instruction, including Franklin Imagery, Pilates, Primal Pilates, TRX, and more. She also mentors her staff and student Pilates teachers, and participates in the Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training her studio hosts.  

When not at her studio, you can find Louise on the road with Balanced Body, presenting at the world-renowned Pilates on Tour conferences and at the Pilates Method Alliance conference (PMA). At these events, she shares continuing education material as well as Primal Movement WORKS!, a movement brand she co-founded. You can also find her online on Pilates Anytime, teaching Pilates and Primal classes. Louise furthers her own growth as well, studying under distinguished teachers like Cara Reeser, Tom McCook, Lesley Powell, Elizabeth Larkham, Nora St John, Madeline Black, Benjamin Dagenhart, Trent, and many more.  

To learn more about Primal Movement Works! and the Absolute center, visit or, or say hello on Facebook or Instagram