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Jun 29, 2017

In this episode, Janet and Nikki chat with strength and conditioning coach Charlie Reid about how to create a movement practice to match your fitness goals and why this can be difficult to do.

They cover:

  • Training to get tired versus training to get better
  • Why focusing on only one thing at a time (e.g. improving strength or increasing cardiovascular endurance) can get you better results
  • The difference between training to improve a skill and training to maintain a skill
  • Why everyone needs a baseline of fitness before working towards performance
  • How to fill in the gap between where our training models have come from (athletic training + body building) and where most people are when they start a fitness program
  • The psychological aspects of why we're attracted to certain fitness modalities and how that relates to our goals

Upcoming workshops with Charlie:

Intro to Resistance Stretching-LIVE Course

Sunday, July 23rd 2017 in San Francisco, Ca


  • $235 early registration (includes complete digital course) before July 1st
  • $175 early regsitration (live course only) before July 1st
  • $285 late registration w/digital course starting July 1st
  • $225 later registration w/o digital course starting July 1st

Registration Link:

Jules Mitchell and Charlie Reid offer this introductory course to resistance stretching designed for yoga teachers and other movement professionals interested in adding assisted stretching techniques to their repertoire. Get plenty of hands-on practical training, enabling you to apply these methods immediately after the course.

Additionally, Jules and Charlie troubleshoot mobility issues as they arise, providing you with insight into their talent for assessment and protocol selection. Course includes manual with instructions and photos for each exercise, a 1-hour lecture accompanied by a slideshow investigating the biomechanical and neuromechanical theory behind resistance stretching, a detailed tutorial on the art of compassionate touch and safe body mechanics, and tons of fun.

About Charlie Reid:

Charlie Reid, CSCS, CMT, is a Movement Educator, Coach, and Massage therapist based in San Francisco, CA. His mission is to help cultivate stronger, more resilient humans. When he's not coaching one-on-one, teaching workshops, or hosting seminars in the Bay Area, he is most likely drinking too much espresso whilst torturing a bass guitar. 

To learn more about Charlie, you can visit his website or connect with him on Facebook or Instagram

Jun 22, 2017

In this episode, Janet and Nikki chat with LA based yoga teacher and movement educator Trina Altman about why people get hurt doing yoga and her new online course Yoga Deconstructed™

They cover: 

  • Common causes of pain and injury in yoga
  • The movements that are missing in yoga that can contribute to muscle imbalances and pain
  • Why stretching isn't always the answer
  • How people who are both too stiff or too mobile can benefit from adding strength and stability training to their routine
  • How breaking down a pose into smaller movements can reduce the risk of injury and increase the longevity in your yoga practice
  • Why Trina created Yoga Deconstructed ™ and how the exercises she teaches can be used to balance out a regular yoga practice

Links Mentioned:

Yoga Deconstructed™ Online Course

About Trina Altman:

Trina leads teacher trainings in Yoga Tune Up®, the Roll Model® Method and Rx Series for Equinox locally and internationally. She is the creator of Yoga Deconstructed™ an innovative interdisciplinary approach that fosters an embodied understanding of Yoga and its relationship to modern movement science.

While at Brown University, Trina took a Kripalu yoga class which ignited her passion for the practice. Emphasizing the importance of inner focus, she teaches anatomy for yoga teacher trainings across the country. She has presented at Kripalu, PURE YOGA® NYC, Cal-a-Vie Spa, SYTAR, the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference, ECA, UCLA and multiple yoga conferences.

Her teaching fosters body cognition and self-discovery, firmly grounded in anatomical awareness. Trina builds bridges between the mystical and the pragmatic, and specializes in helping others to access their body’s tissues and their heart’s purpose. Trina works out of Los Angeles at Equinox and The Moving Joint. Find her at or say hello on Facebook or Instagram.

Jun 15, 2017

In this episode, Janet and Nikki chat with Pilates teacher and mentor Chantill Lopez about how to help our students find greater autonomy and take ownership for the work that they do with us.

They discuss:

  • The paradigm shift of moving from the "fixing" mentality to one of exploration and discovery
  • How asking deeper questions can help us find intrinsic motivation beyond the boilerplate reasons why a lot of people come to Pilates and how these questions can better help us meet our or our students needs
  • How to help our students set goals and take ownership for their choices and experiences
  • The different stages of competency and teaching strategies to increase competency
  • Top down versus bottom up processing

Links Mentioned:

Skillful Teaching Mentorship Program

About Chantill Lopez

"Be real. Don't fake it. Be able to say I don't know. Laugh at myself. Extend compassion to myself and my students. Enter in fully, every time, ready or not."

After more than 20 years of teaching, 15 of which have been spent teaching Pilates, yoga, dance, meditation and other movement modalities to a complex variety of folks, Chantill Lopez is proud to be a teacher of teachers. Building relationships with teachers who want to be unabashedly amazing at what they do — teachers who want to move beyond the clockwork pieces of technique and blow the top off their potential – is what excites her most about her work and keeps her inspired, creating continuing education and working with teachers world-wide.

She holds Pilates certifications from the PhysicalMind Institute and Body Kinetics with Master Teacher Carol Appel, is certified in Yamuna Body Rolling and Vinyasa yoga, and has extensively studied the work of Philip Beach, Feldenkrais, the Franklin Method, Authentic Movement, and the Halprin Life/Art Process, as well as Vipasana meditation, Buddhist psychology and The Work by Byran Katie. Chantill is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) and CYT.

She is the founder of Skillful Teaching - an international live and online educational company for Pilates and yoga teachers and is the author of "Moving Beyond Technique: How To Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create a Thriving Pilates Business."

You can learn more about her at or say hello on Facebook

Jun 8, 2017

In this episode, Nikki and Janet chat with Pilates expert and educator, Jenna Zaffino about her experiences and how to address anxiety and burnout as a Pilates teacher or fitness professional.

They discuss:

  • Constructive strategies to handle teaching burnout and anxiety
  • The role of mindset in how we feel about ourselves, our actions and our teaching
  • How anxiety is more common than we realize and not feeling alone in it can make a difference
  • The different motivations for sharing work online and in social media
  • How we can harness positivity in an authentic way
  • Ways to incorporate a meditation practice into your day
  • Why everything counts

Self-care experts and mindset resources + links mentioned:

About Jenna Zaffino:

Jenna Zaffino is a Pilates expert who's star is rising to the top of the industry.  She has been teaching for 16 yrs, owned her successful studio, Helios 3.0 in Chicago for 10 and is the author of the celebrated Pilates children's book, Horatio Moves! 

Jenna is the producer, writer and host of the wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered.  She is also the creator of multiple online support courses that help movement teachers find their purpose and remember their passion.

Jenna received comprehensive Pilates teacher training through both Movement Education LLC and The Ron Fletcher Program of Study, respectively.  As a professional educator, she has served as a faculty member for Fletcher Pilates Intl for a decade, presenting courses and professional teacher training for the company internationally.  She is also an Arcus Educator and course contributor through McEntire Pilates. 

Jenna recently became a certified meditation teacher, expanding her offerings to include an integrated and mindful approach to movement. Jenna's passion for supporting movement professionals is realized through providing professional mentorship as well as life coaching.  She is a facilitator for Gabrielle Bernstein's May Cause Miracle's 40 Day Program and will complete her education in NLP in 2017.

To learn more about Jenna, you can visit her site or say hello on Facebook or Instagram

Jun 1, 2017

In this episode, Janet and Nikki chat with Anula Maiberg, Pilates teacher and co-owner of Sixth Street Pilates in NYC about body image and Pilates culture.

They discuss: 

  • Why showing diverse body types performing Pilates is important
  • Possible reasons why Pilates isn't easily defined by the general public and fitness community 
  • What we can do as Pilates instructors to help define Pilates culture in and out of the studio
  • The impact of marketing on Pilates culture and how to appeal to younger generations
  • How we can make the studio a more welcoming place where people feel empowered to move and not self-critical of how they move
  • How to handle criticism when putting yourself out there

About Anula

You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you. - Isadora Duncan

Pilates is about finding success in movement its not about making ideal shapes. That's my approach to teaching. I try to bring that across by finding joy in the practice and not taking it all too seriously.

I have a major leggings obsession and now that American Apparel is out of business I am not totally sure what I'm going to do with my life.

In my studio we like to have a little background music playing. Currently its the XX all day every day. They are just mellow enough to not be distracting but still really beautiful.

I go to the ballet more times than my budget will allow... the perks of living in NYC and I take full advantage of it. Romeo and Juliet makes me cry every time.

Favorite TV show of all time: Twin Peaks or My So Called Life

Favorite Movie: Gone With the Wind or St. Elmo's Fire

Favorite Song: Freebird
To connect with Anula, say hello on Instagram.